2013 Loner Pinot Noir R13-b

John Sebastiano Vineyard

(Pinot Noir)

This bottle is like those helicopter images from sunny days of “Le Tour” (de France) in the Pyrenees with narrow mountain roads slicing through stately forests; we can smell the moss on the trees and their damp leaves, the freshness of the streams, and the aromas of the fields as the peloton hits the valley floor mixing with savory aromas from the charcuterie shop, and berry cobbler as they race past the bakery, Phil Ligget and Paul Sherwin’s soothing voices deliver French history lessons along with the blow-by-blow.  

Food: Vive La France!  Boeuf Bourguignon (did I spell that right?)  …something made from a cow, not grilled nor seared (or the closest stand-in if you don’t eat cows)  …OK, go ahead, grill it, what do the French know anyway, they didn’t even invent fries!

Music: Charles Trenet’s“La Mer” or Jacques Brel, or Plastic Bertrand’s “CaPlan Pour Moi”  Vive Le Tour!


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