Sadly (and due to the C-19 distancing orders) we are unable to accept reservations and receive you as guests at the moment. Gladly, though we are adjusting to this current reality to do the next best thing, because we believe that community is one of the most important things in trying times and because we’d love to see you: join us for an online tasting experience!

Here’s how, we believe that there should always be at least two people to taste (unless you’re George Thorogood, who we bet you are not), and better four or six. Whether all of you are in one place or two or three “twosies” in multiple locations doesn’t matter. We’ll send a set of five 4 oz. sample bottles to each group of two tasters (2 oz. tastes, for each of you), set up a zoom or google hangouts online meeting and all get together to taste, talk about beautiful things, like what’s going on in the vineyards or the wines you’re tasting and how they were made, food, music, art, Carmen Miranda, or whatever, just not about politics, how poorly managed the last two months have been, or the modern-day plague…

Are you in? …then just select a date (at least five days from today to allow for shipment of samples), and then select from one of the tasting flights for up to 8 participants. We’ll contact you to get everyone’s shipping address and emails to set up the online hangout…we look forward to seeing you in the virtual world with real delicious liquid happiness!

The wines are available for purchase to you and the other attendees post degustation.

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