The Sanguis Family has grown

Over the past two decades, visionary winemaker Matthias Pippig has showcased his creative expertise by crafting exceptional Rhône and Bordeaux varietals under the Sanguis label. In a recent expansion, we have introduced three additional labels to compliment the Sanguis wines; The méthod-champenoise effervescent wines of The Missoula Flood, Sta. Rita Hills Pinot noir of Loner, and the coastal high-elevation Chardonnays of WhaleSong. Each small batch label of the Sanguis Collection share a unified philosophy – that a wine’s primary responsibility is to be delicious, vibrant and balanced.

We offer 4 unique tasting experience in our beautifully restored architectural warehouse in the heart of Santa Barbara.

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Sanguis  |  Taste a selection of wines that stretch beyond the limitations of tradition. 2-3 reds & 1-2 whites curated by our winemaker.


WhaleSong & Loner  |  Taste 5 uniquely site specific wines. 2-3 Chardonnays & 2-3 Pinots noir


The Missoula Flood & Caviar Pairing  |  Taste 3 alpine effervescent wines inspired by the best examples of grower Champagne thoughtfully paired with small caviar centric bites.


Sanguis Collection Overview  |  Taste a selection of wines spanning all four brands curated by our winemaker.