2013 My Soul Is Rested

Santa Ynez Valley Proprietary Red Wine

(sold out)

(Petite Syrah, Roussanne, Grenache, Syrah)

My Soul Is rested is a wine in the manner of the sea, an exercise in opposites: there is an immense core of darkness, and the constant reflection of light; changing all the time, it is both salty and sweet. Dense and light, it clings like morning mist, and just moments after the sun comes up disappears without a trace. A wild child – JacoPastoriouschanneling Jimi Hendrix, Ravi Shankar and UstadAllaRakka“trading fours”, or ZiggyStardust, “not sure if boy or girl” – completely structured, but equally wild.

Food: Flank Steak, medium rare, sliced; root vegetables (roasted, braised, grilled – whatever, so long as they're cooked to where the starches caramelize); that would be the first choice, but anything that can stand up for itself will work, including dark chocolate (I’m generally not a red wine chocolate fan, but it works here – in this case, serve at cellar temperature and use smaller glasses).

Music: Stephen Yerkey’s“I just Haven’t Laid Down Yet”; naturally: “The Unofficial Ballad of Story Musgrave” from Mark Lemhouse; JacoPastorious’ “Slang” and “OkonkoleY Trompa”; “Song of the Sea” by Ethiopian pianist Tsegue-Maryam Guebrou; Pearl Jam’s “I’m Open”


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