2012 Verve

Santa Ynez Valley Proprietary Red Wine

(Grenache, Syrah, Viognier)

2012 Verve – is that lovely fair skinned librarian with her thick dark hair, wearing the blue polka dot dress; there is a compelling tension between her assertive glance and warm smile. Butterflies precede her, and it’s hard to understand where her generosity comes from.  Her feistiness is hiding behind those glasses and though reserved, she inspires your imagination to dreams that no one else knows about.  So despite a lack of interest in the act of reading, it’s difficult not to keep coming back even if time and again the reward is only a smile, a glance, and another volume…

Food: This calls for the exotic, and opens up possibilities for north-African dishes and Indian curries – making sure they are the onion-based types (Kolhapuri, I think), which bring out the best in Grenache, as I learned from wine director Michael Dolinskiof New York’s Junoon.  If playing it safe, go with traditional classics like Cassoulet.

Music: Ravi Shankar – “Raga Malgunji” (Living Room Sessions, Pt. 1), “Dhun, in Dadra & Teental” from the epic Live at the Monterrey Pop festival recording; Drum solo “PanchaNadaiPallavi” from Shankar & ZakirHussein.  There are two beautiful recordings collection called “Barzakh” and “The Astounding Eyes of Rita” from TunesianUdplayer AnouarBrahem, which is as exotically perfume-laden as the wine itself; or Edith Piaf if you’re going for the Cassoulet.


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