2013 1/1

Santa Ynez Valley Syrah - Single Barrel Selection

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(Syrah, Grenache, Viognier)

Taking Tiger Mountain By Strategy – this wine is a passionate thinker.  It possesses the calm energy of snow falling softly on a Japanese village, and the positive energy of the sun rising after a stormy night in Northern Spain. It is playful like those whiter-then-white clouds that look like animals or other things we see against a bluer-then-blue sky looking up from a Bavarian field, and carries the tension of dark threatening clouds before unleashing the storm as you run home in the rain to the comfort of a fire and a delicious meal.  All those things, or whatever pivotal experiences you may have had in their place – that’s what 2013 1/1 is.
Details: 100 3-packs (2 x 750 mL, 1 x 1.5L) and, for the first time a few 3L bottles
produced from Sta. Rita Hills Syrah with a small amount Grenache and Viognier from a single (my
favorite) 400L barrel produced.
Food: Your favorite meal.
Music: Brian Eno’s “French Catalogues” (an adaptation of Johann Pachalbel’s Canon in D Major,
Kamasi Washington’s adaptation of Debussy’s Clair De Lune, Laura Marling’s “I was an Eagle” (and
several other tunes from that album), Johnny Flynn’s “Bottom of the Sea Blues” (great video too!)


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