2013 Bossman

Santa Ynez Valley Syrah

(Syrah, Viogier)

An eccentric gentleman, like the men of early car racing – Confidently humble, determined and patient, smart, beautiful (but not in the Hollywood or GQ sort of way), generous…probably in his mid-fifties but not the sort of 50’s that we’d find in a Viagra commercial and also not the Dos Equisman (though I like him very much).  As a wine, this just about has it all – a dark brooding core enrobed by bright and vibrant energy and an incredibly generous manner.  It is as pure and lively an expression of Syrah as we’ve been able to coax from nature and put in a bottle – beautiful now and promising a long interesting life ahead.

Food: A meal of substance and complexity with earthy flavors and some fatty/oily components for the wine to balance.

Music: David Bowie’s “Sweet Thing” (from 2005 David Live album), Eight Line Poem (from David Bowie at the Beep …BBC recordings), Also Bowie’s version of the classic “Wild Is The Wind”  …Or Miles Davis


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