Like many things, it seems that the world of wine revolves around numbers - at which brix level were the grapes picked, what is a wine's alcohol or pH level, what score did a wine achieve?  Can we taste those numbers?  No.

When it comes to purchasing, we: (a) encourage you consult the staff at a very good wine shop that you like, or the sommeliers or wine directors/buyers at your favorite restaurants - these people frequently taste our wines, they are usually passionate and generally knowledgeable, they put wines on their list because they know and love them, and because they work well with the restaurant's food - and (b) trust that if we don't love it, we don't put it in a bottle with our name on it.

When there isn’t the time or opportunity to engage one of these folks, how can the numbers help?:

Numbers can be useful as an overall indicator of a winery’s quality level, and more importantly, as an indicator of reliability when viewed over a longer period.

The true value of point scores is the average of many reviews, by a number of different reviewers - a bit like Michelin stars, which are earned and awarded over a period of time during which the restaurant proves itself by consistent performance.

The overall point score average of Sanguis since we began producing wine in 2004 is 94.1*.  And more importantly: many writers have written very complimentary things about many of our wines...and words are the word!

Complexity, character and beauty is what we strive to put into every bottle that says Sanguis on its label.  We compete with no one other than ourselves and always stay true to our heart, because beauty is about integrity and individualism:

Trust thyself, every heart vibrates to that iron string  R.W. Emerson

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