-Good food and wine are as essential for a balanced life, as are good friends
-As places go, nothing beats California (not even an argument)
-Life’s too short to settle for mediocrity (es mejor morir de pie que vivir de rodillas - Emiliano Zapata)

-MUSIC is like air (essential for existence) Miles Davis; Jaco Pastorious; Bob Dylan; Son House; Stones and Beatles (in that order); Keith Jarret...Wu-Tang...Fatboy Slim...Maria Callas ...of course, really there's no end in sight - recent favorites: Jose Larralde, Tsegue-Marie Gubreou, Devendra Banhart, and many many more...

-IDOLS: Giuseppe Quintarelli (then a big gap), Nicolas Jolie, Paolo Bea, Angelo Gaja, Elio Altare, Rudi and F.X. Pichler

-Ben Merz, Ruben Solorzano, Jeff Newton, Salvador Bernal, Chris Hammil & Amparo, Juve & Fidencio - Couldn't do it without these guys and they're fun to work with!
-Favorite dead guys: John Lee Hooker, Bob Dylan (when he goes), Steve McQueen, Alexander McQueen, Marco Simoncelli, Stevie Ray Vaughn ...and alas, now also the great Giuseppe Quintarelli
-Favorite 'alive guys' (and gals): the Dos Equis Man - also: Fatboy Slim, Valentino Rossi, Paolo Conte, Geoffrey Rush, and probably Angela Merkel (for keeping the show on the road despite the odds and for driving those poor French people nuts...), and Peter Sagan!

-Rain: Great thing, once you’ve brought your whole crop in healthy...
-Ham: Absolutely - any type, anytime, and in large quantities
-Coffee: is for having fun
-Tea: is for getting things done
-Salt: is fat-free, kosher, gluten-free, lactose-free, crunchy, has zero calories, no added sugar or high-fructose corn syrup...mmm, basically the perfect thing!

-Motorcycles: Four wheels move the body, two wheels move the soul (I think McQueen said that)...but not worth it, that helicopter ride is never far off!
-...bicycles can be pretty fun too  (Vive Le Tour - doping or not, these guys, Froomie, Peter Sagan, Andre n Greipel, and the rest are all superhuman)
-Computers: will cause us all to atrophy before long (these are the machines we were warned about) - and 'Siri' will go down as one of the key causes for the increase in illiteracy in the US 
-Chicago or Tennessee - who cares, the Blues is the Blues (but if you have to go there, probably Chicago)
-Best Word: 'MAGISTERIAL!' (invented by some British soccer commentator on Lionel Messi scoring..."the little magician has done it again...magisterial! magisterial!") ...you have to actually hear him scream this to do it justice...
-Best Nickname: "The Shark of Messina" (cyclist Vincenzo Nibali)
-Best quote" This man has the face of an altar boy and the heart of an assassin" (on Chris Froome attacking the rest of the field in the Pyrenes)
-When push comes to shove: Injury over illness (hopefully there will be very little pushing or shoving...)

-TO LIVE BY: A mind that has been stretched by a new experience can never return to its former size!

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