2013 Beekeeper

Santa Ynez Valley Proprietary White Wine

(Marsanne, Chardonnay, Viognier)

It’s a clear early morning in California, or maybe somewhere in North Africa.  The sun’s just coming up leaving long shadows and creating seven different shades of blue, one for each fold of the surrounding mountains.  The air is thick with aromas from sage, orange blossom, jasmine and the dew lifting from the dry grasses.  Someone is listening to a Nick Cave ballad (maybe “Black Hair”, or “Lime Tree Arbor”), making coffee …must be Sunday…

Aroma is what comes first in white wines, not only in the sequence of how we experience it but, at the end of the day, I would probably trade aromas for all the other components. Marsanne, Viognierand Chardonnay have both aroma and texture in spades.  If one were a bee, and this wine were a blossom, one would spot this flower from a mile away through your sense of smell; once inside, the nectar delivers what was promised, and chances are you won’t find your way out and back to the hive that day.

Food: I’m not a fondue guy, but a cheese fondue might be great here…or if not, then just some really great selections from your local cheese monger along with an arugula salad with lots of lemon juice, good salt and olive oil, some walnuts and a sliced pear.  Or a white pizza with squash blossoms that somebody else stuffed with goat cheese (because …no!)

Film (new random category): If its pizza night, then for sure, but even if just cheese, etc.: The Assassin by 68 year old Taiwanese director HouHsiao-Hsien(who looks half his age, probably owing to pearl cream or some such miracle).  This was shot in 70mm and should be seen on an adequate theatre screen but didn’t last long enough in the three US theaters where it played…’hope you have one of those awesome widescreen TVs, but either way, this is beautiful …and easy to watch, if hard to follow.

or good old Music: some ballads from Nick Cave, Phosphorescent’s“Too Sick To Pray” or “Can I Sleep In Your Arms”


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