2013 Loner Pinot Noir R13-a

Loner Pinot Noir

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(Pinot Noir)

2013 Loner Pinot Noir R13-a - The loner in this selection of composed wines, as usual, this is a single varietal, single vineyard, mostly-left-to-its-own-devices beverage.  It is both soft as the breeze and fierce as the breeze.  Either way, the breeze whistles a light and playful tune in the night, like the boy walking through the dark forest alone, pretending that he’s not afraid, thought it seems that he’s walking at a swift pace and in a pretty straight line toward the clearing on the far side.
Food: Barbecued Ribs, or the best burger you can find, or anything else that will give the lively acidity an opportunity to do its work…you can even skip the salad (because “that ain’t food, that’s what food eats” as I learned once when eating a salad in one of the great steakhouses in the great state of Texas).
Music: This being a sort of cowboy style of Pinot, better bust out some Terry Allen, old Hank Williams and/or Johnny Cash; Elvis’ “A Little Less Conversation”, alternately maybe Alexis Weissenberg’s Suite Bergamesque 3: Claire De Lune, and old Velvet Underground (that’s if you’re are more the New York or California type, and are having the salad)


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